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Irish Boats

Sometime during the 1950's Wivenhoe Sailing Club, copyright holders of the class, received a request for permission to build One Designs at Strang ford Lough in Northern Ireland. As the photographs show, at least one boat was built. Whether there were more (this cannot be assumed by the sail number of this boat) and exactly where this request came from remains a mystery since there is a gap in the sailing club minutes for that time and memories will so far not serve. Photos show 3 different rigs, presumably 2nd hand sails were used.

Ex WOD owners John Laing and David Pettit sourced this information and photos.

Built by Dr Billy Brown, Portaferry, County Down approx. 1954 (only one built by this builder)

Photo, Billy crewing with brother Dickey Brown at the helm. Sold 1960-62 approx. Went to southern Ireland to Lake Sillan near Shercock, County Cavew.

In 2015, the Association managed to track down one of the boats built, for sale. We had it towed back from Ireland to Wivenhoe but unfortunately it was nothing like it looked in the photos and needed a significant amount of work to get sailing. 

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