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Built: 1935 Whisstocks, Woodbridge
First Owner: Dr J.Erskine


Dr. J. Erskine. From new and kept at Manningtree

1964-65. Brought to Wivenhoe. Various people sailed her.

1983-1985 WOD Association

1985-2003 Bob Baldwin 

2003 to 2011 Sue and Keith Gillibrand

2012-2019 Ken and Anne Miles

2019 - 2022 WOD Association 

2022 Peter Taylor

Recent History and Current condition

April 2001:
Dorothy has been epoxy repaired in the past but apart from that is in need of some repair work to the bottom but is in good condition.

Spring 2012:
Dorothy had a new deck and sheer planks and fitted by Boatbuilder Rob Maloney.

2019: Launched - available to hire from the Association
2020: Launched
2023: Launched and racing regularly
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