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Built: 1935 F.W.Mitchell, Brightlingsea

First Owner: Alec Green, Wivenhoe

1937-70. Alec, Ken, Peter and Doug Green
1970-78 Bert Sawers, Wivenhoe,

Mr. Pudney, Brightlingsea,

Alan Colley, Wrabness.
1978-81 Pat Hatch
1981. WOD Assn
1981-??. Jill and Doug Green,

Donated to WOD Association.
?-2010 Phil Wood
2011-2012 WOD Association
Current owner Rob Maloney 

History and current condition

April 2001:
Elise was in the process of restoration in the sailing club old hut by Bob Baldwin and Dick Munday. She has had her transom and keel replaced.
April 2012: 
Elise is in need of major restoration.
July 2012: 
Rob has taken on Elise as a restoration project

May 2014:

Elise has been relaunched after a complete rebuild.

2019: Launched. Elise is raced regularly at Wivenhoe,

2020: Launched

2023: Elise is having a year out the water for a refit and

new centreboard case fitted.

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