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Built: F.W.Mitchell, Brightlingsea
First Owner: Dr Walter Radcliffe, Wivenhoe
1956. R. Pettitt
1960-63. Terry Botham. Sold to Brightlingsea. --?--
1979 (found Tollesbury) WOD Association
1979-82 B.Brooks
1982- 1985. WOD Association
1985-1991 Malcolm Goodwin
1991-1997 Eddie Jones and Eric Strudwick  
1997-1999 Bruce Anderson
1999-2000 Anthony Vickers
2000- Present Jeffrey Bailey
History and current condition

April 2001:
Capriol has been under going a re-fit. All the bottom paintwork has been removed and when the air temperatures rise filing, priming and anti-fouling will commence.

2020: In long term storage in Little Horkesley.
2023: We are trying to track down, currently have no contact details of owner.
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