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Sapphire (Volage)

Built: 1935 F.W.Mitchell
First Owner: Arnold Nield, Wivenhoe
1947-50. L. Worsp
1950-53. (Re-named Sapphire) R. Denham
1955-56. E. Turner
1956-60. Tony Frostick
1960-74. Charles Josephs
1975-77. John Wood
1977. Guy Ward

1982-2000. Tony Frostick
Current owner Chas Morris 
Currently being sailed by Rob Maloney
History and Current Condition

April 2012:
Sapphire's launch is imminent  
May 2013:
Sapphire launched & weighed - 663llbs
May/june 2014 sapphire in Rob's workshop, for several new ribs, epoxy coating and full repaint. 
June 2014 sapphire relaunched

2019: Launched
2020: Launched
2023: Launched and racing regularly
Sapphire and Windrush 1964
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