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Built: 1935 Horlocks, Mistley
First Owner: Briton Horlock, Manningtree

1958 -? Clem Mellish, Wivenhoe
1962 -? Crispin Williams
1976 Mr Dale, Harwich
1976-84 R.A.Mason, Harwich
1984 WOD Association
1984-1995 Bob Baldwin
1995-1997 Kevin Hosking

1997- ? Alan Noakes
Current owner David Tournay

2023: For Sale

History and current condition
Toucan has undergone a total rebuild and is now in pristine condition.
She is raced regularly at WSC.
April 2012:Toucan launched
2018: Toucan is currently on a mooring and being sailed in Brightlingsea.
2020: Currently laid up ashore
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