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Built: 1947 F.W.Mitchell, Brightlingsea.

First Owner: ??

?-1961. Peter Fenn, Norfolk Broads
1961-64 George Hoy, Wivenhoe
1964-66 Paul Barrell
1966-75 WOD owners Assoc J. Thompson,          L. Meadows,
P. Barrell, A. Brooking

1975 - 77 Rupert Maynard
1977-78 David Hill
1979-? Andrew Pilkington
2011-2012 Mike Mitchell
2012-2019 Stuart Bannerman

2019-2020 Wod Association

Current Owner David Souch

Recent History and current condition

John Laing

I was involved with the purchase/delivery of Flying Duck from  Wroxham around 1963. We re-named her Osprey. We did not know at the time who was the builder as Dr Radcliffe always said that apart from the Irish WOD only 17 boats were licenced for builds.

 When we first launched Osprey after bringing her back into Class. (she had been modified for Broads sailing with a tabernacle to lower the mast for shooting bridges, a lifting rudder, outboard mounting, non-standard centreplate etc.) We bent on a brand new set of Gowans terylene sails and I set off with my uncle crewing down the river. At the sandworks the weather shroud plate parted (rusty necked). The mast broke and went over the side. The sails were not damaged and we had a new mast made by Mr. Tew at Brightlingsea.

However uncle was not best pleased with me so I did not sail her again, having my own boat. Uncle then crewed for Jack Pettitt a barge skipper, for a couple of years. Jack won the 1938 Thames barge match in the Sirdar from Rochester. Osprey did not feature to my memory at the head of the fleet but the owners were not at the time that competitive as a recall, apart from Paul Barrell.          


2018: Launched

2019: Laid up ashore at Alresford

2020: Sold to David Souch. Osprey is currently having a winter refit ready to re launch in spring 2021.

2023: Launched and racing regularly

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