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Built:1935 Parsons, Leigh on Sea

First owner: L Berry

1950. D. Payne.  Norfolk Broads (licence plate)
1957-75. Doug Green, Wivenhoe.
1975-83. Dr. Nick Baker
1983-1987 Colin Butterfield
1987-1997 Trevor Vaughan
1997-2000 Alex Willis.
2000-2012 Derek Julier and Graham Clegg,

John Ashworth, Robert Gordon.
2012-2014 Heather Laurie                   

2014-2017 Janine and Richard Bowyer

Current Owners Peter foster & Colin Butterfield

History and current condition

April 2013: 
Vivian dry weight - 611lbs

April 2014:
Vivian dry weight 631 llbs. 

2021: Launched

2023: Launched and racing regularly

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